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Unforgettable Landscapes

We propose a unique and special trip that combines its services in two sections: National Route 51, with photographic stops at panoramic points of places “stopped in time” to then embark on the magical experience of the TRAIN TO THE CLOUDS, which manifests itself in all its splendor when arriving at the imposing viaduct in the foothills of the Andes. Not only do we combine landscapes and sensations, but also stories and experiences, which lead us to relive the epic of railway construction, back in the year 1,920 initiated by the engineer Richard Fontain Maury, alma mater of the project, as well as meeting towns detained in the time in harmonic coexistence with the mountain.

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Since 2016 Train to the Clouds circuit includes departure by bus from Salta city. The tour goes along national road 51 across two villages Campo Quijano and Gobernador Solá until arrival in El Alfarcito, where a pause for a snack with products from local communities. Alfarcito Foundation has its own working place there, whose achievements reaches 25 communities conveying in high school lodge directed onto tourism activity hosting 154 children.

Further there will be a stop in Santa Rosa de Tastil, this is a small hamlet located in Qhapaq Ñan, (old Inca Trail) influence area. Tastil also held the rank of being Quebrada del Toro(Toro Canyon) former inhabitants administration centre. There you can visit the site Museum. Then the trip will continue through the Quebrada de Las Cuevas and then the plain of Muñano in order to reach San Antonio de los Cobres. There, passengers will be transferred to local train station where they will embark directly on board of train and finally drive to La Polvorilla Viaduct as final destination. The tour will take one hour to the Viaduct reaching 4,220 meters above sea level (13845 ft), where the most impressive last century engineering work will be attained. After 30 minutes the tour returns to San Antonio de los Cobres where passengers will embark into the buses for the way back to Salta.


The ONLY TRAIN Tour requires the passenger to go to the town of San Antonio de los Cobres by their own means (excursion, private or rented car) and be present at noon at the San Antonio de los Cobres Station to board the Train to the clouds. Time of presentation in San Antonio de Los Cobres 11:45am hs or before. The departure time is at 12 hs. Then you will travel 22 km until you reach the imposing engineering work of the La Polvorilla Viaduct, located at 4200 m.s. Afterwards there will be a touristic and photographic stop of approximately 30 minutes and they will board the train again in the direction of the station of San Antonio de los Cobres.
Clarification: The value of the ticket does not include transfer from and to the City of Salta.

Useful data:
Train station Salta
06:15 hs Check-In in Antofagasta Square in front of the Salta Capital Train Station.
Campo Quijano
07:35 hs Campo Quijano, Photo stop
Viaducto El Toro
07:35 hs Viaducto el Toro, Photo stop.
Geological formation Yacoraite
08:55 hs Km 66 Geological formation Yacoraite, Photo Stop.
El Alfarcito
09:25 hs El Alfarcito Fundacion Padre Chifri, Country Breakfast and Tour.
San Antonio de los Cobres Station
11:40 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres , Arrival for transfer to train. 12:00 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres , Departure by Train to Viaducto La Polvorilla.
Viaducto La Polvorilla
13:00 hs Viaducto La Polvorilla,Arrival and Descent of visit to the place. 13:30 hs Viaducto La Polvorilla, Departure to San Antonio de los Cobres.
San Antonio de los Cobres
14:45 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres , Arrival from the Viaduct, transfer to bus to go to town. Free time. 16:30 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres, Departure to start the return by bus.
Santa Rosa de Tastil
17:20 hs Santa Rosa de Tastil, Technical stop with optional visit to the Archaeological Museum. Snack. 17:40 hs Santa Rosa de Tastil, Departure to Salta Capital.